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State of the Art Technology

Personalized Analytics Right Down To The Street You Are On

At Birds' Eye Technologies, we take the raw data from over 18,000 Law enforcement agencies and turn it into  meaningful results. We work closely with our users throughout our process to ensure that the analysis is relevant and above all, accurate. We are committed to providing safety data so you can be aware of your level of risk. Connecting community to science and technology

Victim Reduction


Birds’ Eye will advise you the level of your risk of either a persons crime, property crime, natural or technological hazards. Based on national crime incident reporting data and other public safety data, Birds’ Eye will always alert you when you are entering a higher risk area. Using colors to indicate your level of risk, Green (low risk) Yellow (medium risk) and Red (high risk) Bird’s Eye will always suggest the lowest risk route and keep you away from a “red” area. Birds’ Eye will take away the opportunity for an emergency event to occur, thus protecting you and your property.  

Crime Prevention Contribution


Birds’ Eye will use a community-based approach which increases public safety because of the collective work with the community to understand, assess, and provide inclusive solutions to community safety issues. The community or “Flock” will contribute to their safety and to the overall safety and security of their neighborhood. Individual users will be able to report on the mobile device a risk that they either encountered or observed.  


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